Git profile in supporting documents

Today’s question is mainly about tech talents and their Git profiles. So one of the potential applicants for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa asked me: ” I started contributing to the Git profile in the last 2 months only. Can you please tell me how I can fill this gap and attach this information to my visa application? ”

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General Questions on Endorsement Stage

Question (author’s style is kept): I’m planning to apply for the Tech Nation Visa scheme and went through your guide. Would like to clarify below points as I’m not 100% clear with these areas:

1. Supporting documents count including 2 Recommendation letters and CV as well? Or these 10 could be 10 different documents?
2. Limit on the personal statement is 7000 Character or 7000 words?
3. Evidence of continuous learning – not more than 1 year as per guide: How to showcase the progress through out career?
4. If the evidence is more than 2 pages (For example: Employment Contract) can we share only one page of it? May not have signature on those page – hope this will not be an issue?
5. If my recommending person cannot give letter on company letter head (due to company policy), will that be suffice to submit the recommendation letter without letter head?
6. Submission of application is online? or Both Online and Post?

Please help me with these clarifications to proceed with the Visa scheme.

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Supporting documents dated over 1 year

Today I get quite interesting question about the supporting documents for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. Why it was interesting for me? Because when I was preparing my package, I had docs, that were not so “fresh” (I mean docs, issued to me 2 and 3 years back). So it is really a problem, knowing the official caution in the Guidelines about 1-year documents). So… what to do – to add them or not to add.

Question: Shall I include my Marketing Award which I won in 2014? I was featured on the magazine as a winner of prestigious industry award in 2014? Is this good evidence?

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Qualifying Criteria for Digital Marketing

Question (author style is kept): I have a quick question, though, if I may this is the last one.

3. How do I demonstrate continuous learning/mastery of new commercial or technical digital skills throughout my career? Evidence of learning processes or tools such as Agile or Scrum or of an up-to-date knowledge of your sector trends, as shown for example by a relevant qualification, or by a talk in a prestigious conference.

Given that Google Analytics Certification is the industry-leading recognition for those involved in Digital Marketing, my question is will this count towards this criteria? As I have been certified for almost 4 years now in Google?

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Refusal decision on Endorsement Stage – what’s next?

It is a crash of the whole world when a person gets an email from the Home Office where the question “Do you endorse the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) application for the above named applicant?” is answered “No”. In other words, refusal decision is the last thing anyone is expecting after so long and hardworking preparations of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. So what to do if this sad reality comes to your life?

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Visa Duration: 3 years vs. 5 years

Question: in recent Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa guidance the authority has mentioned that this permanent residence for this talent visa can be obtained by the end of third year in the UK. I am applying exactly for this visa (not for Tier 1 Exceptional Promise). In this case, on the Stage 2 (Visa Stage) do I need to apply for only 3 years or to be safe and keep piece of my mind – still 5 years 4 months as it was previously established. What is your opinion?

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Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa: Read Before You Apply

The 1 December 2013 was truly the Big Day. It is not only because of may reasons, holidays, births and events on this date (try Wikipedia to know more).

On the 1 December 2013 Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Route was introduced to the world. What is hidden behind these new immigration policy rules? What main ideas are lying on the foundation of this desire for talents?

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No website in visa application? Not a problem!

Question (style of author is kept): i am submitting under exceptional talent route. Am proposing a business plan. but i have not created any website etc.. yet. i just have my plan and thoughts on paper. Do you think i can go ahead submit or wait and design website submit later?

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Personal Statement – no quotes, no links

Today we are returning back to the Personal Statement – a very important document of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. You may be a real digital star but with bad and unclear wordings in the Personal Statement, your personal score during the visa assessment process will be dropped. I have already wrote a couple of articles about basics of this document and its details. By the way, all of my previous blog postings are based on pages 12 and 18 of Guidelines so you can always double check the interesting facts.

Today I need to clarify one more point. The question for today is: are the quotes and links relevant to include into the Personal Statement for UK Exceptional Talent Visa?

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Visa fees not paid by an applicant

As of now (November 2018) Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa fee is £608 (£ 456 on the Endorsement Stage and £152 on the Visa Stage). The applicant must pay them to process the visa application further. However, shall the applicant pay these sums by himself? Are visa fees not paid by an applicant  real?

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