Supporting documents for visa application

Ten supporting documents – what does this mean? Let’s consider almost a real situation.

For example, I have my Work Agreement in 15 pages, also my article published in the international journal in 3 pages, my diplomas and certificates are in 5 pages plus 5 pages of the translation into English. And also I have 5 pages of screeenshots from my applications. At least, these 4 supporting documents have 33 pages. Is it OK to add to my application?

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Stage 1 or Endorsement Stage in details

You decide that you are a talent (or promise) and want to conquer a peak in digital technologies in the United Kingdom. Surely, that is a great idea. Moreover, if you are British – all doors are open for you in your native country and you have a good start for your goals. But if you were born in another country, you may need to have a visa to enter the UK. I believe you have already known about this requirements but if not – check here.

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Are you an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology?

There is the only authority in the United Kingdom that can answer the question “Are you an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology or not?”. This is Tech City UK.

Tech City UK is responsible for assessing applications from individuals who suggest being Exceptional Talents (or, Promises) in the area of informational technologies. Again, this is the only Designated Competent Body appointed by the Home Office to implement Tech Nation Visa Scheme (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent). Tech City UK endorses up to 200 candidates annually. Also, it notices the statistics of received applications and available endorsements on the page of the Tech Nation Visa Scheme.

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