CV of referee in Letter of Recommendation

You must provide CV about your referee in Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Application

Traditionally I get many questions about obligatory documents for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa and in most cases, I have already discussed them in my blog. But I got a message with a question about the recommendation letter which is not too frequent. Hence, today we will speak about the CV of a person who will sign your Letter of Recommendation

Question: “I have a question regarding recommendation letters. Should I get a recommendation letter from my seniors via email where they send me a self-signed scanned copy of the letter attached as a pdf document without company letterhead paper or is there any other better way to get this done? Also, if attaching CV’s of the recommenders is a must, can I use their LinkedIn CV’s for this purpose?”


PDFs are completely fine

One of the most convenient methods of sending you a signed Letter of Recommendation is via email. Hence, PDF made out of the scanned copy of a signed letter is a completely appropriate document. Preferably, this document has to be scanned in colour (and printed by you in colour too). Hence, this is the way is highly welcome.

Letter of Recommendation has to be on headed paper

This is a rule of thumb. Yes, there are some exceptions from this rule but it is not a usual practice to send letters on plain A4. You must do your best to get the Letter of Recommendation on headed paper, with as many credentials of the company and signer as possible.  You have to understand: you are investing in your future even via preparation of the package of the documents. So if you will not bring all your efforts to this process, you can get an unexpectedly bad result.

 A CV of your referee is must have

This is a one-page document that provides brief information and key facts about the person who recommends you as a future recipient of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (or Exceptional Promise Visa).

You can use LinkedIn, Company’s website or any other trusted source to make this CV (if it is not provided by your signer).

If you have to do this work by yourself, I would like to mention the key facts that you must put in the CV of the referee:

  • Education, including a year of finish, degree (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., etc.), area of study and title of the educational institution;
  • Work experience with a focus on the latest place of work and the most relevant for your specialty. If you have space – provide one sentence of the description of the company or institution to give a general feeling of what business this entity is doing.
  • Extra-curriculum activities, which is related to your expertise and proof the high level of expertise of the signer.
  • Contact details (mobile phone, work phone, email, link to full bio or LinkedIn, etc.)

However, I must to clarify one more time – you should not break the limit of one page so the whole CV must fit one A4 page. You can use two-sided printing and it will help you to include more useful information about the person who will recommend you. But you should not exceed the limit.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

This blog is written by Andrii Seleznov. Andrii is a holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. He is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer, founder and CTO at Petiole and Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition

2 thoughts on “CV of referee in Letter of Recommendation”

  1. Please how old can the letter of recommendation be to deemed not acceptable? I’ve had mine since 2018 and still working on other requirements hence the delay. Would that date be too old?

    Also, will electronic signature of the referee be acceptable?

    Tech Nation now accept uploading and submission of the documents electronically, can I just send the copy received from my referees like that or I need to print out first and rescan back to show it was a printed document?

    1. Hi Temi,
      Thank you for your question.
      As usual, documents which are not older then 1 year, can be accepted. So Letter of Recommendation has to be signed in this timeframe. The older letters can be added as Supporting Documents, if your signees will be different. But if your referees will be the same, you must only re-sign the updated letters and should not show the older documents at all.
      Electronic signature is not recommended in any of the Guidelines (neither Tech Nation, nor Home Office). Hence, you must do your best to get a scanned copy of a Letter of Recommendation.
      Mainly, applicants get their letters in .pdf sent to their emails from signers. In my own case I got the same – my referee sent me a scanned color copy and I attached this pdf document to my Tech Nation Visa application.
      I hope this was helpful to you.

      Andrii Seleznov

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