Stage 2 or Visa Stage

Stage 2 is almost time to celebrate but there are last steps to get Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

If you are a lucky person who was endorsed by the Tech Nation, do not cheer yourself too early. Endorsement by Tech Nation UK in Digital Technology does not mean that you have Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

Hence, you need to hurry up! Move on and apply for the Stage 2 or Visa Stage of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Application. Important to remember: you have only 3 months for this. The starting point is a day of receiving the positive decision by Tech Nation in your Application for Endorsement in Stage 1. Hence, you must submit an application for entry clearance or leave to remain within this period. Since if you will not do this – an application will be refused.

Surely, I have chosen the first option. In a couple of days after obtaining my endorsement, I applied to the Visa Stage. Per se, this was a visa application as usual. However, for myself, I found a couple of new aspects.

Point of Biometric Residence Permit

After the initial application and signing visa declaration you need to choose a point of Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Collection. Write the postcode of the first point for your future coming to the UK. Consequently, it does not matter at all what place you will choose. For example, it can be an address of your work or AirBnB rented accommodation. At the same time, please, count days. You must collect your BRP within 10 working days of arriving in the UK.

Visa interview appointment

Actually, making an interview appointment in the Visa Centre was one of the most difficult tasks of Stage 2 of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Application. However, I think it generally depends on a country of application. Anyway, in Ukraine, we had a very busy time schedule for free appointments. Furthermore, there is an option of paid services. Consequently, it is always possible to choose a flexible day and time.

Health Surcharge Payment

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Payment was pretty easy for me. So I had done this step in a few minutes. The main condition is having money and working debit / credit card. Leaping ahead, it was a challenging task for my dependents. I mean Exceptional Talent Partner and Exceptional Talent Child. I made a conclusion that this visa route greatly appreciates sole talents. Having dependents is a very expensive thing.

Visa Payment

Visa Application final payment was also clear. It entirely depended on your positive debit / credit card balance. Without this payment, your application cannot be considered. If you cannot make a payment in a couple of hours, your visa interview appointment will be canceled.

Finally, you need to do a routine applicant’s job: print the whole application, including appointment information and wait for the cherished date to bring this bundle of documents with other supporting information to the immigration officer at the UK Visa Centre.

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application - Examples of Documents and Help

Author: Andrii Seleznov

This blog is written by Andrii Seleznov. Andrii is a Tech Nation Visa Ambassador and holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. He is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer, founder and CTO at Petiole and Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition

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