Guide for Endorsement Review in Global Talent Visa: 8 easy steps

Endorsement Review for Global Talent Visa is one of the ways how you can correct the mistakes, made on the initial stage of assessment the visa application

You opened an email from Home Office with a hope to get an endorsement in your Global Talent Visa application but instead of happiness – sad news, you don’t have your endorsement from Tech Nation. What shall you do now? Are there any chances to turn this decision? This Guideline will help you to apply for Endorsement Review and get as much outcome from it as possible

Step 1. Don’t give up

Many Global Talent Visa applicants get their endorsement after review.

I understand how it is difficult to accept that after so hard work on your Global Talent Visa application you were rejected. But sometimes we do not understand some requirements. And sometimes human error happens and this is exactly the case for endorsement review.

There are no available statistics about the amount of endorsement that was successful after review. I think it exists but it is hidden from the public. At the same time, on our regular monthly meetups every time we meet one or two people who got their endorsement after review. What luck!

That’s why you must carry on and even if you have not got your endorsement from the first attempt, do your best to get it from the review.

Step 2. Set a deadline

You have just 28 days to apply for a review

It is very important to remember that you have to act immediately. Sure, filling the form for endorsement review does not take days. Just hours.

However, in order to get as much benefit as possible out of a review of your specific case, you must understand the overall gamut of circumstances.

That is why, do simple calculations – add 28 days to the date, when you got an email from the Home Office. Count on public holidays and other important days that may shift your deadline.

Then – please, start to dig deep about endorsement review.

Step 3. Read the basics about the endorsement review

Home Office Guidelines, my blog posts, questions here and on forums

It is so easy to be lost in the ocean of available information about Global Talent Visa since many legal companies offer their support with this. However, not so many of them write valuable stuff about how to apply for endorsement review or any other insights, useful for applicants.

That’s why I recommend you to start with these three points:

  1. Home Office Guidelines for Endorsement Review
  2. Is any bias in the Review of non-Endorsement?
  3. 5 honest reasons why you must apply for a non-Endorsement review

After reading these three pieces of knowledge, you will understand what kind of evidence you must provide in your endorsement review form. Hence, please, do not be lazy and do not waste a chance to get your endorsement from the second attempt. Read documentation now.

Endorsement Review is a free procedure available for any applicant for UK Global Talent Visa
Endorsement Review is a free procedure available for any applicant for UK Global Talent Visa

Step 4. Download Endorsement Review Form and fill it with your data.

Each field in Endorsement Review Form is obligatory but a couple of them are extremely important

You can download Endorsement Review Form here, it is free of charge and easy to understand. Let’s go step-by-step in each field.

Part 1 – About You

1.1 What is your Unique Reference Number (URN)?
Here you must write your Unique Reference Number for Global Talent Visa application. Your URN was included in the subject line of the email informing you of the decision on your application. Pay attention: your URN is 14 characters long – the first 5 are always URN20).

1.2 What is your contact email address?
This can be at home, work or elsewhere, but must be the one you use on a regular basis. Home Office will contact you to this address if required.

1.3 What is the name of your contact for correspondence, if different from you?
This field is designed for a case when you are represented by your advisor who helps you either with the whole Global Talent Visa application or just with the Endorsement Review.

1.4 What is your full contact address and postal code where you can be contacted?
Simple as it is – please, write your full address details including house number or name, street, village/town/city, state/ province, postal or zip code and country. Home Office will not send you postcards to this address :). It is just a legal requirement and a point for an identification check.

1.5 What is your given name or forename (as shown on your passport)?
If you are Jo Smith everywhere (even in your Twitter and Linkedin :)) but in your passport, you are Joanne Smith, you must use the official name.

1.6 What is your family name or surname (as shown on your passport)?
Use the same rule as for 1.5 – everything must be written in accordance with your passport.

1.7 What are your other names (including any other names you are known by and/or any other names that you have been known by)?
This field is applicable for very exceptional cases. But I believe if you are married and changed your surname, just in case, it is better to clarify the details about your family name and maiden name in this field.

1.8 What is your passport number?
This is the number of the passport that you will use to travel to the UK, or last used for an immigration application if you are in the UK. Actually, this is the passport number that you provide in your Global Talent Visa application with that URN, mentioned in section 1.1

Part 2 – Reason for unsuccessful endorsement

2.1 Enter the reason for non-endorsement as shown in your email, and say why you think a mistake was made.
The form says: “The email notifying you of the outcome of your endorsement application will set out the reason you were unsuccessful. If you think that your application was incorrectly processed or that the endorsing body did not apply its criteria correctly, you should enter the reason in the first box and say what you think the error was.
Where you think more than one mistake was made, enter this in the next box with the reason. Repeat the process if you think further mistakes were made, selecting a new box each time. “

There are four pages where you are allowed to write the reasons for non-endorsement as well as your arguments why it was not a correct decision. I think you must follow the next rules when writing about the reasons and mistakes:

  • write the reason of non-endorsement, suggested in the letter from Home Office;
  • declare why you do not agree with this reason;
  • make a reference to at least one document of your supporting documents.

For example: Reason: “internal achievement certificates in the company, awarded by the applicant’s employer, cannot be considered in any way to be a form of recognition outside their immediate occupation.”
Why this is a mistake: I think there is a mistake and Endorsement Panel has not considered appropriately the documents, that I have provided. Particularly, in a Letter of Support from the Well-Known University, there is an appreciation for my work as a person who runs regular seminars for digital education and already worked with 300 young people.
Also, in my supporting document, there is a Certificate from One-Good-Hackathon, where I was featured as a winner with my project about a mobile app for youth education”.

Part 3 – Declaration

You must electronically sign the declaration, which should be emailed to this address. For the purpose of the Endorsement Review form, typing your name into the relevant box will constitute an electronic signature. Hence, you should not print this form out, sign and scan it back in .pdf. Just put your name and it will be enough.

Step 5. Send an Endorsement Form Review to Home Office

Global Talent Visa Team will consider your review application

When you will finish completing the Endorsement Review Form, please, send it to

Also, you can use this address to notify the Home Office about change of any of your contact details.

Step 6. Check your current visa status

Do not overstay in the United Kingdom if your current visa expired

There is a clear message from the Home Office: “Applications for endorsement do not extend any extant leave you hold in the UK while they are under consideration. If you are already inside the UK and your leave expires, you will be considered to be overstaying in the UK.”

If you apply for Global Talent Visa, when you have an existing Tier 2 Visa or another valid type of residence permit to live in the UK – this is absolutely fine. But if you apply for endorsement review, when your current UK visa is already expired (or will expire during the period of time, required for endorsement review) – it is better for you to leave the UK. You can wait for the results of your visa application living abroad or in your native country.

But it is a bad idea to stay here when your visa is expired. If you will do this and will be endorsed, then you can be rejected on Visa Stage. You will have a fresh breach of immigration law and this will be extremely difficult to reject.

Step 7. Wait for the final decision in your Endorsement Review

It will take up to 14 days to consider your Global Talent Visa application again

I do not have any specific advice about this time period. Just check your email on a regular basis (not every 5 mins, please!) and make sure that you keep your eye on 14 days of the allowed period to review. If the period is longer – contact Home Office using the email, where you have sent your Endorsement Review form.

Step 8. Apply for stage 2 (Visa stage)

Or, in worse scenario, apply for stage 1 of Global Talent Visa again

There are only one of two possible outcomes in your Endorsement Review application:

  1. You are endorsed and then you must apply for the Visa stage during the next three months.
  2. You are not endorsed finally but you can apply for Global Talent Visa again, with a new set of documents, letters of support and ideas to promote.

If you got a rejection of your visa application again, it is time to cry about wasted time and money. But after a short period of giving up, I recommend you to re-read and re-assess the whole Global Talent Visa application and apply again. Knowing what was your mistake in the first application, it will be easier not to make it again.

I understand that each of us has a unique story of life (and Global Talent Visa Application) but I know a couple of people (less than five) who got their visas from the second chance.

Moreover, if you have a final rejection of your Global Talent Visa after the Endorsement Review but still want to apply – you can ask about advice at A Y & J Solicitors, who have good experience of work with Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa applicants in the past. Now they continue their stable practice of immigration advisers to people who want to get Global Talent Visa in any field.

If you do not have time to read long guidelines, find the main answers
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Author: Andrii Seleznov

This blog is written by Andrii Seleznov. Andrii is a holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. He is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer, founder and CTO at Petiole and Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition

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