May non-UK person recommend me?

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Recently, I have got a question about non-UK referees and decide to write a little bit more about this issue. Recommendation for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application is always a difficult subject to think about.

Sure, you can find the answer to this question on page 27 of the Tech Nation Guidelines for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent (Promise) Visa Applicants. Follow these rules and I will repeat this every time since I am doing this writing every my post. But also, I think you need to try your luck and look out of the box.

Hence, even if your referees will not be UK-based managers of C-suite level – do not worry too much. In my case, I had one recommendation letter from American person and another letter from Ukrainian expert. They both work in tech / investment companies with a stable international reputation. But again – they did not have any direct links with the UK.

So do not forget that your application is not just these letters! They need to prove a major fact – that you are a cool guy (or a smart lady). But you will not win even having unbelievably great recommendation letters but empty CV and dummy personal statement.
So do not think only about this issue of “UK based” or “non-UK based”. The Guidelines have a great word “international” regarding companies with transnational operations but without offices in the United Kingdom. Hence, your application can be successful even without this ideal option of having UK based referees.
Focus on your representation as a future star in technology or business and show that you have already done first steps towards your goal. I believe that a very important part of the Tier 1 Exceptional Promise Visa application is your personal statement. Write here about your projects and big ideas, your DIY activity and amateur researches. Why it will disrupt UK tech markets? Mention your past achievements but write about your goals only in the UK. Why the UK is quite unique country for you in business terms?
Finally – a small trick about visa personal statement 🙂
Write your personal statement. Change a title of country from the “UK” to any other (USA, Australia, South Korea, etc.). If it is still good – this personal visa statement will not win.
You need to write a piece of text only about you and the UK. You as a talent. And this really Great Britain as a country that is waiting for you.

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Author: Andrii Seleznov

This blog is written by Andrii Seleznov. Andrii is a holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. He is an experienced entrepreneur, professional engineer, founder and CTO at Petiole and Alumni Mentor at GIST Tech-I Competition

3 thoughts on “May non-UK person recommend me?”

  1. I have two strong referee from EU country but don’t have UK referee, so is it enough? Can I apply for exceptional promise without UK referee?

    1. Hi S S Haq Shemul,
      I can say from my own experience – two non-UK referees are acceptable in application of Tier 1 Exceptional Promise Visa. I had the same situation (the US-based person and Ukrainian). At the same time, do not overestimate the importance of these Letters – your whole visa application has to be good in order to get Endorsement by the Tech Nation. So, please, work twice hard on Personal Statement and supporting documents too.
      Andrii Seleznov

      1. Thanks a lot for your kind help. Its very encouraging to me.

        One more thing, I’ve tried to download recommendation letter and statement template from your app but as I am using on laptop I am unable to download them.

        Is there any other way to get them?

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