Guide for Endorsement Review in Global Talent Visa: 8 easy steps

You opened an email from Home Office with a hope to get an endorsement in your Global Talent Visa application but instead of happiness – sad news, you don’t have your endorsement from Tech Nation. What shall you do now? Are there any chances to turn this decision? This Guideline will help you to apply for Endorsement Review and get as much outcome from it as possible

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Comments of Lawyer about Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa changes

Recently I have written about the updates in our beloved Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa route. However, pure legal facts do not matter anything for most of the applicants. That is why I decided to ask a lawyer who closely work with this visa applications about their opinion about changes.

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10 dead reasons for non-Endorsement as Exceptional Talent

Today I took ten official reasons from the real-life letters about non-Endorsement. It is a piece of sad news to get such letter after such laborious preparations for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. That’s why to avoid getting this unlucky decision; you must check your visa application regarding its compliance with the issues mentioned below.

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How to apply for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa?

Today we go to basics. I got a simple question from my reader: “Hello, I am interested in applying for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. How can I start the process?”. Hence, in this post, I will pay attention to the first steps to launch the significant and life-changing process of moving to the United Kingdom with this unique visa.

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Practical Solution with Examples of Documents

Readers of my blog ask me many times where to get examples of documents for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application. And many times I answered them: it is almost impossible to find these samples with good quality in open access. The reason is simple – these documents are very personal and contain sensitive information. However, I found the solution to this problem and developed a Talent Visa app.

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Tech Nation communication with applicants

I am delighted that Talent Visa app already helps Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa applicants to understand the basics of this exciting visa route and read some documents in relation with this visas. However, my readers continue to ask me some different questions. Today it is all about the communication between Tech Nation Visa applicants and Tech Nation as a designated competent body.

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Talent Visa App

Are you looking for an Example of Personal Statement or Letter of Recommendation? Do you want to read someone’s personal statement to understand its structure and idea? Have you searched for personal statements from past applicants for UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – you have a reason to buy a Talent Visa App or, at least, to read more about it.

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General advice on Personal Statement

Sometimes it happens that potential applicants for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa send me their drafts of personal statements and ask about my opinion. I want to write officially and in bold: guys, I am not an authorised assessor of your personal statements neither for Exceptional Promise nor for Exceptional Talent visa applications.

Hence, it is not a difficult task for me to read a piece of text and write what I think about it, but this is not the primary goal of this Blog. Moreover, any personal opinion (mine or any other person) – it is just a bunch of thoughts. Only Tech Nation Visa Panel makes the final decision, and only people who are members of this Panel are entitled to make any official comments. Or immigration advisors, who are authorised by OISC.

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General Questions on Supporting Documents at the Endorsement Stage

Question (author’s style is kept): I’m planning to apply for the Tech Nation Visa scheme and went through your guide. Would like to clarify below points as I’m not 100% clear with these areas:

1. Supporting documents count including 2 Recommendation letters and CV as well? Or these 10 could be 10 different documents?
2. Limit on the personal statement is 7000 Character or 7000 words?
3. Evidence of continuous learning – not more than 1 year as per guide: How to showcase the progress through out career?
4. If the evidence is more than 2 pages (For example: Employment Contract) can we share only one page of it? May not have signature on those page – hope this will not be an issue?
5. If my recommending person cannot give letter on company letter head (due to company policy), will that be suffice to submit the recommendation letter without letter head?
6. Submission of application is online? or Both Online and Post?

Please help me with these clarifications to proceed with the Visa scheme.

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Proof of Continuous Learning as Qualifying Criteria

Question (author style is kept): I have a quick question, though, if I may this is the last one.

3. How do I demonstrate continuous learning/mastery of new commercial or technical digital skills throughout my career? Evidence of learning processes or tools such as Agile or Scrum or of up-to-date knowledge of your sector trends, as shown for example by a relevant qualification, or by a talk in a prestigious conference.

Given that Google Analytics Certification is the industry-leading recognition for those involved in Digital Marketing, my question is will this count towards these criteria? As I have been certified for almost 4 years now in Google?

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